Cool Twitter Project Sends Morse Code Using Tweets

Trying to think up a unique way to incorporate Twitter into your next college project?

Well, Ana Catharina Marques, Kostantinos Frantzis and Markus Schmeiduch came up with a pretty cool idea: Morse code through Twitter.

According the the #CPHSignals project website, in Copenhagen there are two neighborhoods located on opposite sides of the harbor that “are geographically close but still feel disconnected.” So, these students came up with this “urban intervention” to connect the two.

They decided to combine old maritime technology (signal lamps) with modern technology (Twitter). They attached the signal lamps to a “graphical user interface” (looks like an iPad) on either side of the harbor where users can type a message (via a tweet) which is then translated into Morse code and flashed across the harbor.

The same interface is placed on the receiving side, which serves to decode and display the messages [tweets].

Each of the two SignalLamps has its own twitter account so people can follow the conversations between the two harbour sides online. Users from around the world can also use twitter to send a new Morse code-message by an @reply to one of the Copenhagen SignalLamps and broadcast their message into the harbor.

The two accounts are SignalLamp Nyhavn and SignalLamp Chavn.

Follow the #CPHsignals hashtag and the project website to learn more and check out the video demonstrating it below!



Do you have other cool uses for Twitter to share? Let us know if hie comments!

(Lighthouse image from Shutterstock)