Sendible Lets You Send Message Now, Deliver Later

We are all busy people here right? We don’t know exactly when we’re going to have ample time to write messages, be it email, sms or our social network messages. Sometimes we can write a couple of them but forget to send them out. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to write a series of messages and then schedule the time each messages are to be sent out? Sendible lets you to do that exactly.

Sendible is an online communication that lets you connect with people at your own scheduled time, either to send out or receive messages.

Sendible is a free tool which lets you do a lot of things including; send messages to your friends, customers or colleagues in the future, schedule reminders, organize and manage contacts, jot down notes and have them sent at a predetermined time, schedule appointment reminders, subscribe to content and lets you choose how you want to receive it.

Currently, Sendible supports email, social networks such as MySpace and Facebook, SMS and Twitter. It is hoping to add more online communication platforms soon.