Send Web Content to Mobile with ZipClip

Berggi just launched ZipClip, an application that lets users grab content off the Web and send it straight to their cell phones, MocoNews reports.

Here’s how it works: “The application must be downloaded to the phone and and your computer, which is then a plug-in for both Firefox and Internet Explorer,” the report said. “Then, when a person is online and sees a piece of content they like—a video, photo, image, graphic, animation, avatar, or even audio clip—they right-click over the content, and then pick ‘send to phone.’ They can also send it to a friend.”

What’s different about this approach is that the content doesn’t appear as a text message with a link; instead, it’s stored on ZipClip’s servers and accessible through the application on the phone. For now, the service is free, the report said; Berggi will monetize it through premium offerings with increased storage space, premium channels for exclusive content, and (of course) advertising.