Send Twitter Messages using your Voice

Alright, if it were not enough that Twitter is cool as it is right now, here’s one more reason that would make us all love Twitter some more – TwitterFone. Just by its name alone, we could easily deduce what this application can do to our Twitter experience, right? That’s right folks, phone + twitter = a cool application that lets you post updates to your Twitter account using your voice with your mobile phone.

TwitterFone is a free service that lets you update your Twitter feed by speaking it out on your mobile phone. It is similar to voice-to-text transcription services that we have in the mobile market today. You basically call a Twitter number in your countries, then when TwitterFone answers your call, you speak your Tweet as if you were leaving a voice message to someone, then hang-up, wait a little while and your TwitterFeed will be updated. It’s a free service, but of course you’ll get charged by the number of minutes by your mobile network provider for the corresponding call charges. Fortunately since Twitter limits the number of characters for our feeds, we are sure that we don’t incur too much call charges. Sweet!

We got one major bummer though. To use TwitterFone, you have to have a Twitter account (who doesn’t have a Twitter account yet anyway?), and an invitation from TwitterFone, which is on a one-time only invitation. The good news is, you can request an invite quickly just by clicking on this link.

Now, all we have to do is wait for our invite. I hope it won’t take long to arrive in our email inbox.