Send Twitter Gifts With Hiimok

Here at RotorBlog, Arnold Zafra busts his butt to bring you the latest and greatest Twitter happenings and apps. That’s why I just sent him a cold beer. A bunch of them.

Unfortunately, they’re not San Miguels. In fact, you can’t even drink them. Kinda cruel. But it’s the thought that counts, right?

The ‘gift’ was sent via Hiimok, a fun little service that effortlessly allows you to send people virtual stuff via Twitter.Just login with your Twitter username and password (additional registration is not required) and you’ll be able to send:

– pizza
– a cocktail
– an ice cream sundae
– a cooler beer

Founder Brandon Partridge plans to add new ‘gift’ in the very near future. This is a nice and simple way to send someone a thanks or quick little pick me up. There’s also plenty of room to grow, as ‘gifts’ can have a seasonal or occasion bent to them.

Hiimok does not store or share your data. In fact, if you don’t use the service for 7 days, your session automatically expires.

If you’re an illustrator looking to beef up your portfolio, your icon designs could be added.

Upcoming features will include anonymous and direct message gifting. Do I smell a “crush” icon?

Enjoy the beer, Arnold!