Send Postcards With Your Cell Phone

Most folks are familiar with the e-mail greeting card sites—and the resultant truckload of spam that pretends to be from such sites. But MediaPost is reporting that a new service lets people send paper postcards via their cell phones.

The Wish You Were Here service allows mobile users to send personalized postcards for $1.99 by texting WYWH to a shortcode that ultimately prints and sends out the cards, the report said. Mobile content companies netomat and Stolen Bases are powering the postcard design and fulfillment service behind the scenes.

We’re filing this one under mobile advertising because the real purpose of the service is to let advertisers offer branded cards: “Family Travel Forum, a travel Web site, is the first to join an affiliate program that lets organizations offer branded Wish You Were Here postcards. Affiliates can also reserve mobile search keywords through the program.”

The report said that the service is launching today across two of the major U.S. carriers—AT&T and Sprint—along with CellularOne, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile.

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