Send Media-Rich Messages

Here’s a riddle: What’s more personal than e-mail and more powerful than voicemail? The founders of a relatively new company hopes you answered ‘Goldmail,’ a solution that allows users to send media-rich messages that include images and audio.

Thanks to a Flash-based slideshow you can send recipient photos, PowerPoint slides and other media to an e-mail address. The message arrives in text format and is accompanied by a link that leads people to your Goldmail message. These materials are hosted on the Goldmail servers.

In less than 10 minutes you can put together a narrated presentation and disseminate it to the world.

Promoted as a business-to-business application, the useful service is not free. though somewhat inexpensive. You can expect to pay approximately $8 tp $10 per user depending on how many you register.

Combining sound and audio enhances communication. According to Goldmail:

Voicemail can’t deliver visual information, which is often critical to your message. And, assuming the recipient’s in box isn’t already full, you don’t know if yours is message 5 or 50. Will they even get to it? You’ll most likely have to follow-up with more calls.

Email is largely text based, and while you can add attachments, typing what you’re trying to convey can sometimes be less effective than just saying it, which results in additional emails to clarify meaning or correct a misunderstanding. : )

GoldMail combines the best of email and voicemail to help you be more efficient and more effective. It’s the latest addition to a long line of messaging tools that date back as far as cave wall paintings and includes: hieroglyphics, smoke signals, carrier pigeons, the Pony Express, the telegraph, answering machines, pagers, faxes, voicemail, email, SMS and of course – the message in the bottle.

Easy to use and relatively inexpensive, avoid miscommunication today and give Goldmail a try. There’s even a 14-day free trial.