Send Gift Takes Over This Week's Fastest Growing Apps

This week, the trend of sending virtual gifts finally reaches a top spot, video applications begin a takeover, and we bring you all the latest updates on how the past week has treated our weekly growth leaderboard.

Our fastest growing apps countdown continues it wayward ways once again. This week, the trend of sending virtual gifts finally reaches a top spot, video applications begin a takeover, and we bring you all the latest updates on how the past week has treated our weekly growth leaderboard. Take a look at the fastest growing applications countdown, culled from our in-depth application statistics found here.

NameDAUMAUWeekly Growth
1.Send Gift365,9572,279,6121,273,125
2. Sanal Video1,311,5282,073,6741,041,628
3. Monster Galaxy724,00011,227,0081,027,390
4. Diamond Dash893,1995,707,732852,761
5. Zombie Lane697,1173,344,384849,044
6. Zoosk648,1818,322,324783,825
7. Gourmet Ranch496,8954,036,576605,549
8. iframe + Static FBML + Welcome Tab = iwipa188,4032,867,470593,355
9. Friend Buzz453,7448,068,122520,765
10.Wildfire’s iFrames for Pages122,3032,276,654495,691
11. Texas HoldEm Poker6,740,34536,306,742417,956
12. friend.ly284,3233,932,462405,013
13. MyPad for iPad237,620900,728371,462
14. Welcome Tab for Pages110,8891,585,096363,083
15. Müzik Dinle88,412357,205344,470
16. Super Mario Clasic137,7741,882,305341,404
17. Facebook Live48,913942,996335,650
18. VideoPort79,637668,549332,402
19. VEVO for Artists150,7272,615,435325,542
20. Mystery Manor199,1071,508,708313,789

Old And New Connections

The recent spring holidays have had a hand in a virtual gift giving application finally claiming a top spot on our list. Send Gift was propelled to the top this week by the masses; 1,273,125 people sent a loving expression to their Facebook friends. If you prefer to answer questions about those close to you, many have turned to Friend Buzz to keep the trend going strong. Staking out the ninth position this week, the quiz app successfully nabbed a 520,765 increase.

If you are looking for new connections, be it friends or maybe a bit of flirting, Zoosk continues to be a rapidly growing choice among social networkers. The application falls a few places into sixth, but still sees a tremendous 783,825 weekly growth total. rests comfortably in 12th place; an additional 405,013 people started using the interactive app that connects you with potential new friends around the globe.

Video And Music Apps

Video viewing options appear to moving onto our countdown in groups. Sanal Video has a tremendous week as it captures the second spot; 1,041,628 viewers tuned into the Turkish choice. An alternative, also from Turkey, is VideoPort; the application lands just behind Facebook Live with the help of 332,402 new onlookers.

In 17th, Facebook Live offers a number of exclusive clips surrounding the site and some of the hottest happenings; the application had an impressive 335,650 adds. VEVO for Artists finishes the month with a spot on our countdown just behind the previously mentioned options; 325,542 connected last week.

In the world of music, Turkish application Müzik Dinle climbs on to our list for a first appearance. Sitting pretty in the 15th spot, the application had a successful week tallying a 344,470 increase.


On the first half of our list we watch as Monster Galaxy takes a notable leap forward; 1,027,390 gamers on a quest to save the world helped move the application to the third spot on the countdown. Diamond Dash may have been knocked out of first place this week, but still manages to hold on strong in the top five. The gaming app welcomed 852,761 new players.

Following closely behind is popular Digital Chocolate game Zombie Lanes. The application finished the week with a 849,044 weekly growth increase. Playdemic’s Gourmet Ranch also manages to hang tight in the top ten; the game saw a 605,549 player increase.

Texas HoldEm Poker begins the second half our list; the popular Zynga game returns with the help of 417,956 new gamers. Super Mario Clasic falls a couple places this week; the application does successfully manages to come in 16th with 341,404 adds. Mystery Manor makes it first appearance this week rounding out our list; its addicting ways has 313,789 new users hooked.

Building A Better Facebook Presence

Iwipa finds itself knocked a few steps back this week; the application still manages to have helped improve 593,355 profiles as it grabs the eighth spot. Wildfire’s iFrames for Pages cuts our list in half; 495,691 turned to the app for a more engaging page. Welcome Tab for Pages takes the 14th spot this time around; 363,083 page admins have sought out the tool for a better arrival landing for their Facebook fans.

There’s An App For That

We close this week looking at MyPad For iPad. The popular Facebook viewing application climbed to the 13th spot making for an impressive first week appearance; 371,462 have turned to MyPad for their Facebook viewing experience on the go.

Readers, do any trends or applications particularly catch your eye this week?