Send Flowers. Play Hero. Save Earth.

flowerpetalFlowers are worthless unless you send them to her office. I don’t care what she says. Without the other ladies feigning happiness and fighting back jealousy, you might as well bring home a fern.One year ago,, a Chicago-based online flower delivery service, became the first such floral-industry service to turn out Carbonfree flower delivery.

Now, the company has taken things a step further, ensuring that not only their own operations are offset, but that the involved shipping is too.

“Unlike many other products, flowers spend most of their existence helping the environment, however, that doesn’t mean we can ignore that so much of our product has to be flown in daily from South America,” stated Brian Crummy, president of “We’re taking a good thing and trying to make it better.”

Flowerpetal relied on help from Carbonfund by using its Carbonfreeâ„¢ Shipping application to calculate the impact of the shipment and delivery of flowers. They then were able to offset the resulting CO2.

Every order gets a fraction of the proceeds sent off to Carbonfund to support climate-friendly projects that directly reduce a specific amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

Flowers say so much more when you don’t destroy the earth in the process. And she’ll love you that much more.