Send Any Twitter User A Private Message With Twitgram

If you’ve ever wanted to let Lady Gaga (@LadyGaga) know how much her music moves you, you likely know that you can’t simply whip off a Direct Message to any Twitter user you like. Lady Gaga would have to be following you in order for your message to get to her – and I bet she’s not.

Enter Twitgram. It’s described as a “half step off of Twitter”, and it allows any user to send any other user a private message – no 140 character limit, and no restrictions based on who is following whom.

To send someone a private message, simply visit, enter the Twitter username of the individual you want to message, compose your message, and then write out a tweet that will alert that user to the private message.

The tweet part is key. Twitgram works by storing your private message on its own servers, and tweeting a link to this message to the individual you are messaging. This is why it’s called a half-step off of Twitter, as it is similar to sending someone a link to a blog post. Only in this case, it’s a link to a private message you wrote just for them.

To keep the message private, Twitgram requires that the recipient sign in to Twitter on

As their website explains, the service is sort of like a combination of email and Twitter:

“Sometimes email is too heavy but a tweet isn’t rich enough—for you or your message recipient. Twitgram replies post immediately, so a quick conversation can be had “offline,” and then it’s back to Twitter.”

The great thing about Twitgram is that it can’t really be abused (more than Twitter itself). Because the private messages are stored at and the recipient is sent a tweet alerting them to the message, they have the option to ignore that tweet just like any other. But if they do want to see the private message, they can click the link and read it. Of course, some users might try to spam celebrities with long, private, love-letters, but I’m guessing there won’t be too many of this type using Twitgram – and that they’re already doing that using regular tweets, anyways.