Send Android Notifications To Your Desktop Computer

There are a number of different ways to send information back and forth between desktop computers and Android phones. You can use Awesome Drop to transfer files via the Internet, and you can use Chrome To Phone or Fox To Phone to send URLs and text from a desktop computer to Android phones. Add Android Notifier to the list.

Android Notifier sends phone call, SMS, and battery notifications from Android Phones to Mac and Windows desktop computers. If you use Growl on a Mac, Android Notifier will send notifications to Growl, otherwise you can install the Android-Notifier-Desktop app. The app uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to communicate with the desktop. With the Android Notifier app running you can stop checking your phone for new text messages or voice mail because the notifications will appear on your desktop, allowing you to focus on your work.

You will find Android Notifier in the Android Market as Remote Notifier for Android, and you can download the android-notifier-desktop app, which works for Windows, Mac, and Linux, from the project’s web site.