Send a Photo Shout Out on MySpace

snapvineIf you’re over 25, you probably remember the days of sending a ‘shout out’ over the radio. These days, with the advent of social networks, declaring you love (or hate!) is easier than ever. And MySpace Photo Shout Out just made it even more simple.

Bring expression to MySpace and Photobucket pictures by adding your own voice, turning a regular photo into a Photo Shout Out.Snapvine, the company behind the app (and the previously released Voice Player widget), relied on a combination of MySpace’s Developer Platform and Photobucket’s newly-released API,

Just choose a MySpace picture (or log into Photobucket) and record a message with your computer microphone or by dialing a telephone number, currently available in 15 different countries.

“Photos are one of the most popular ways to express yourself on MySpace, and now people can show even more expression by adding their own voice comments to their photos”, said Joe Heitzeberg, Snapvine’s CEO. “With the Photo Shout Out application, MySpace users can make their experience using photos more personal, and interactive. Not only can people share their life in photos, they can talk about it.”

If you receive a Photo Shout Out, you have the ability to reply back with your own voice. Shouts can be sent to friends as a message, bulletin or comment.

MySpace can often feel like sensory overload. While this appears to be a cool app, I can’t help but worry that many profiles have too much stuff happening at once.