Senate to Woodstock Museum: Whoa. Sorry, Man


We don’t usually like to get political around here (unless it involves one of our non-profit programs, like “Donuts for Toddlers” or “Hairplugs Now!”), but we found this story funny: “Senate Quashes Grant for Woodstock Museum.” It’s about voting down a million dollars that was proposed to be sent to form a museum in Woodstock, NY that would serve as the de facto destination for information on the 1969 concert held there. We think it’s funny because, really, does this sort of thing need federal funding? Seems like you could go into any bank in the country and say, “Hey, I want to build a thing that lots of wealthy ex-hippies will want to come spend money at” and they’d instantly put a pen in your hand to sign the loan. Second reason: Hillary Clinton was one of the chief legislators behind the plan. It’s a piddly amount of money in the grand scheme of things, but is this really the sort of thing you want to be involved in when you’re running for President? Seems to us like ready-made conservative talk show fodder. We don’t often side with Republicans, being the big lefties we are, but here we feel we kinda have to:

Two Republican senators, Oklahoma’s Tom Coburn and Arizona’s Jon Kyl, offered an amendment Thursday seeking to redirect the money to a maternal health care program. In a time of mounting deficits, they argued, senators shouldn’t be steering money to a museum that has wealthy private supporters.

“How can we, with a straight face, argue to (the public) that we’re not wasting their hard-earned money,” Kyl said.