Senate Republicans Fail to Overturn Net Neutrality Rules

FCC's rules now up to the courts

The Senate on Thursday defeated a resoution to overturn the Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules, 52-46. The GOP-led effort needed only a simple majority to succeed, but Republicans failed to convince even a handful of Democrats to join them.

The resolution passed the GOP-controlled House in April. Even if the Senate had followed suit, the White House had said Tuesday that President Obama would likely veto the measure.

With the GOP unable to stop the rules in Congress, it will now be up to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, which will hear complaints  from Verizon, which argues the FCC has overstepped its statutory authority, and from several public interest groups, which argue the FCC didn't go far enough.

The FCC's net neutrality rules, which go into effect Nov. 20, prohibit Internet providers from blocking or slowing down legal content on the Internet.