Senate Press Gallery Undergoes Renovations

From the Washington Post:

    It’s closing time for half the reporters in the Senate’s Daily Press Gallery up here on the third floor of the Capitol. Major renovations are underway, temporarily shuttering the end of the gallery where The Washington Post, Reuters, the Associated Press, the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal set up shop.

    A host of us scribes and gallery staff have dug through decades of old files to decide what gets tossed in the trash and what’s a newfound keepsake. Here’s a rundown of some of the best finds so far:

  • A Tandy 200 portable computer, built in 1985 (trashed).

  • “The Packwood Report: The Senate Ethics Counsel on Senator Robert Packwood, Including the Explosive Testimony and Diary Entries.” This is the 1995 Random House paperback edition of the ethics committee’s report on allegations of sexual misconduct by the former senator, with a foreword by our late colleague Helen Dewar (keepsake for The Post).

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