Sen. Kerry On The Media

Sen. John Kerry stopped by C-SPAN Monday to participate in their Educational Partnership Program. He was asked about his views on the media:

    Q How do you feel about the media today? Do you believe its integrity has declined over the years, do you believe there to be a media bias? Do you feel the public are getting the most accurate picture there is to get?

    Sen. Kerry: I don’t believe the American public is always getting the most accurate picture. I think there are very courageous news people, I think there are wonderful individual shows… and there are people that I have great respect for in the industry. But I think by and large individual reporters have been forced into a position by the conglomeratization of the media and by the corporatization of the media where there’s less leeway, less independence, less time on the air and less ability to do in-depth reporting and take things on. So I think that there’s been a reluctance in fact by the fourth estate to do what it used to do, which is kind of muckrake, accountability, truth telling which is so essential to our politics. I think part of that has been the corporatization and conglomeratization that’s done that.

    What’s really interesting and you all are taking part in this, I mean it’s a wonderful thing still expanding and still being defined and that is the Internet and blogging and other forms of communication are doing. I think that it’s actually winding up making the media suddenly more accountable and more responsive /c people see these alternatives. And readership of newspapers is going down. So newspapers are now scrambling to find out sort of, what are the portals going to be through which they’re going to reach people with information So there is revolution taking place a little bit even though as I criticize the fact that I think there’s been a little bit of a lack of accountability.