Sen. Bernie Sanders at CNN & NJ’s Politics on Tap: ‘If I run, I will run to win’

20140916_190340-2Tuesday night at Sixth Engine, CNN and National Journal reconvened for its second installment of “Politics on Tap.”

Headlining the evening was Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who sat down with CNN’s “The Lead” host Jake Tapper and National Journal editorial director Ron Fournier to discuss a possible 2016 run for president.

“If I run, I will run to win,” declared Sanders.

20140916_185326Prior to Sen. Sanders appearance, CNN’s Dana Bash sat down with National Journal’s Congressional leadership reporter Tim Alberta and Washington editor Ben Pershing on the fight for control of the Senate and which races to watch.

In attendance: CNN’s Matt Dornic, Lauren Dayspring, Peter Hamby, and Emily Kuhn; National Journal’s Jeff Cartwright, WaPo’s Jackie Kucinich and Paul Kane; POLITICO’s Hadas Gold; US News’ Nikki Schwab; FCC’s Neil Grace; Roll Call’s Warren Rojas; Mark Paustenbach; Google’s Rob Saliterman; Bully Pulpit’s Jen Nedeau; Purple Strategies Erikka Knuti, Brad Dayspring; The Daily Caller’s Brian Danza, and, a couple making out in the corner at 8:25 pm.

See Sen. Sanders’ remarks here.