Sellers of ‘Yankees Suck’ T-Shirts Travel To Iraq, Party With Drug-Addled Soldiers, Write About It


We’ve read plenty of first hand accounts of how f*cked up it is in Iraq, though, perhaps none involving a pair of drug-addled New York Yankees haters, who traveled to Baghdad on money earned from the sale of “Yankees Suck” t-shirts, hooking soldiers up with hash and painkillers and partying with them. That is, until now.

This month’s Outside magazine features an excerpt from Ray LeMoine and Jeff Neumann‘s upcoming Babylon By Bus:

We were back in the office writing field reports. That’s when an Army private walked in and introduced himself. His name was Randy Jankowski, but all his friends back in Phoenix called him Ski. He spoke in a slow, low, mumbly monotone. After a little small talk, he got to the point. “All the people in my unit suck,” he said. “I hate the Army. Do you guys have access to any drugs?”

“Huh?” It was a bold question.

“Drugs … You guys look like you might have some.” We did? Well, we did.

“Uh, we don’t really have any good drugs,” Jeff said. “Just a little Valium, some weird painkillers … but we could get hash in a couple of days, I guess.”

“I’m a straight candy raver,” Ski said. We didn’t know that was still popular.

Everybody Must Get Zoned [Outside]