SelfBee Offers Daily Selfie Challenges on iOS

The app challenges users to complete daily selfie challenges and share photos with the community.


Social networking app SelfBee has officially launched on iOS, following a lengthy beta and (now resolved) technical problems that slowed the app’s growth. SelfBee asks users to complete daily photographic challenges, centered on selfies.

SelfBee 2SelfBee restricts users from uploading photos from their camera roll, and instead requires users to take their photos from within the app. The SelfBee app offers only three basic filters, in an effort to encourage users to express themselves “authentically,” without over-thinking the process.

Some of the app’s daily challenges include “Make a new friend and take a SelfBee with them,” or “Walk in the park with SelfBee.” Others may focus on one’s daily outfit, guilty pleasures and more.

Each SelfBee user has a profile which can be followed by others. There, each photo is assigned to its appropriate category (Challenges, Location, Social and so on) allowing users to browse the pictures they are most interested in. A Discover tab is also available for browsing recent photos and discovering new users to follow. For more social features, users can post likes or comments on shared photos.

After its beta launch in May 2014, the app was downloaded by more users than SelfBee expected, causing technical problems. Roberto Quiroz Mata, president and co-founder of SelfBee, tells us these “major malfunctions” delayed the official launch of the app, as the company needed to re-work SelfBee gradually, in order to keep its initial users around.

With its technical issues resolved, SelfBee is now available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.