Self-Published Author Says Companies Should Stop Censoring eBooks

Self-published erotica author Dalia Daudeliu is begging the main eBook sellers to stop censoring eBooks.

The news comes on the heels of British eBook retailer WH Smith shutting down its website after the company claims that pornographic content was being sold on its site through self-published authors. Kobo has also removed authors as part of the scandal and Apple has been known to apply censorship to books. Daudeliu claims that companies need to be more transparent about why they are or are not accepting books. She explains:

Instead of telling authors exactly what they want and do not want in their store, they are explicitly refusing to give any details. When a book is blocked on their website, they will only tell you if it was blocked because of the cover, the title, or the description. That’s it. They will not tell you what is wrong with your cover, title, or description.