Self Infatuation

Jason Calacanis is at it again. I knew he was self-absorbed when he wrote his linkbait rules back in April, but this just confirms it. Jason has been inundated with friend requests, friend detail requests and a number of application requests. Poor guy! Boo hoo, I’m so popular that I have 150 friend requests. I’m sure he cries himself to sleep at night with all of the pain that he experiences from so many friend requests that he doesn’t have the 2 seconds to click “Confirm Friend Request.” I agree with him that the neck-biting, movie tagging, skype calling and all the other application invitations are getting a bit absurd but deal with it! Seriously, does Facebook really decrease your ability to enjoy life? The solution to Facebook overload? Walk away from the computer. As soon as I finish up this post I’m going to try it myself … at least for a few hours. Although I guess I can browse Facebook from my blackberry but I’m going to avoid that for the time being. Jason: get your head out of your bum! The time it took to write that post could have been spent doing something more productive, such as watching one of those Netflix movies that you have sitting around or eating some Chinese food so you can get a real fortune cookie!