10 Hilarious Re-Cut Seinfeld Movie Trailers

What's the deal with movie trailers? They come before the movie, not after. So why do they call them trailers? They should be called leaders, right?

What’s the deal with movie trailers? They come before the movie, not after. So why do they call them trailers? They should be called leaders. But seriously, I’m a self-proclaimed Seinfeld fanatic. I watch the show whenever I get a chance, ask myself WWJD (What would Jerry Do?) before making any minor life decisions, and I quote the show on at least a bi-daily basis, so you can only imagine my excitement when I discovered a new underground Seinfeld movement that I was unaware of – Seinfeld footage re-cut into movie trailers!

From serious George to psycho-killer horror film Newman, these top 10 re-cut Seinfeld movie trailers are great. Check them out below while I grab a glass of water because these pretzels are making me thirsty!

Seinfeld: “Jerry the Great” re-cut trailer

‘Jerry the Great’ was the first re-cut Seinfeld trailer that I saw. It features a slightly maniacal Jerry hatching a plot to take over the world. Created by YouTuber TRMUS1C, the video has been viewed just over 100,000 times since its upload on the first of this year. TRMUS1C is something like the Spielberg of re-cut Seinfeld movie trailers. You’ll be seeing more from him later in this post.

Seinfeld Trailer – “George” RE-CUT

If TRMUS1C is the Spielberg of re-cut Seinfeld trailers then lorocker is Coppola. He’s created a number of great Seinfeld trailers, but this serious George trailer is one of my faves. You’ll see more from lorocker later on in the post as well.

Seinfeld: “Kramerica” re-cut trailer

This TRMUS1C trailer is hilarious. It starts out hopeful, but takes a turn at 1:25. The Inception trailer music really makes this clip.

Seinfeld: Re-Cut As A Horror Movie

It takes talent to turn Seinfeld into a Paranorma Activity-esque horror movie. Watch out for Kramer…”He’s real; but he is not human!”

Seinfeld: “Hello Newman” re-cut trailer

And in another horror film trailer, Newman seeks out revenge on Jerry. He’s pure evil. Hello Newman.

Friends With Benefits Trailer – Seinfeld Edition

Here’s the Seinfeld edition of the Friend With Benefits Trailer. It’s made up of all the clips of Jerry and Elaine talking about their relationship and trying to figure out whether they could survive as friends with benefits. Check out the real ‘Friends With Benefits’ trailer below.

Seinfeld: “Pig Man” re-cut trailer

Remember the Pig Man episode? When Kramer sees a half-man/half-pig in a hospital room? Well now the Pig Man is back, and he’s got his own movie trailer!

Seinfeld Trailer – “Serenity Now” RE-CUT

Lorocker is back with an awesome action-thriller Seinfeld movie trailer, “Serenity Now.”

Seinfeld: “The Summer of George” re-cut trailer

“The Summer of George” was TRUMUS1C’s first re-cut Seinfeld trailer. When George gets three months off, paid, he has the best summer ever! Vegetable lasagna!!

Seinfeld The Movie Trailer

Explosions, pig men, mailmen, murder, love, betrayal…this Seinfeld movie trailer has it all! This could be the most action-packed movie of all time.