SEGA Networks brings Dragon Coins to iOS, Google Play

SEGA Networks has announced the global launch of Dragon Coins on iOS and Android devices. The game combines RPG battle elements with an “arcade coin-dozer,” and sees users mastering the art of dropping coins onto a moving platform to charge their monsters up for attacks.

During each battle of Dragon Coins, players are presented with enemies at the top of the screen, and their team of monsters at the bottom. A coin-dozer machine moves automatically in the center of the screen, and players have a limited number of coins to drop onto the machine on each turn. As coins fall off of the machine and into trays corresponding to each member of the player’s team, these monsters attack and more coins can randomly fall onto the machine.

Creatures have elemental properties, allowing certain varieties to be more powerful (or weaker) when compared to others, and users can collect hundreds of monsters overall. The player’s team can be customized with a focus on a particular element or power, and players can ‘borrow’ monsters from other players to complete tougher battles.

Players win special gold coins as they complete battles, with these coins being used to evolve and fuse monsters to make them stronger. Eventually, players will have the option to take on boss raid events to keep them engaged into the future.

While free-to-play, gamers can spend money in Dragon Coins by purchasing Premium Summoning Chests, which contain rare monsters for the player’s team.

“Full of personality and flair, Dragon Coins continues our mission to bring diverse, high-quality titles to the mobile space,” said Senior Vice President of SEGA Networks Chris Olson. “Players will come for the fun coin-dozer gameplay, but stay for the in-depth RPG system in this quirky and deceptively deep title.”

Dragon Coins is available to download for free on iOS and Google Play. You can follow the app on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.