SEGA Launches Super Monkey Ball Bounce on iOS, Android

SEGA has announced the launch of Super Monkey Ball Bounce on iOS and Android devices. The game was developed by Three Rings and was inspired by pachinko machines (think Peggle). In the game, players complete 119 puzzle levels by clearing pegs from the screen, rescuing six playable characters and defeating bosses along the way.

In each level of Super Monkey Ball Bounce, players are presented with a different layout of orbs and rectangles on the screen. Certain pegs are key pegs, and must be removed before running out of shots. Before each shot, players can tap and drag their cannon to aim at any peg on the screen (this includes a fine-tune aiming ability via a scroll wheel at the bottom of the screen), and must tap again to actually take the shot. In boss levels, the goals change, and may ask players to hit a boss that’s moving across the bottom of the screen (for instance), with no regard to actually hitting pegs.

Super Monkey Ball BounceAs players complete boss battles, they’ll unlock new playable characters, each with their own powers. AiAi, for instance, comes with a special increased aiming trajectory mode, while Baby’s power sees a few shots turned into smaller, bouncier orbs that have the potential to clear many more pegs from the screen in a single shot. Some of these powers are triggered by clearing matching pegs in a level, while others can be purchased and used at any time.

If players fail to complete a stage before running out of shots, they’ll lose a life. These lives recharge automatically over time.

Gamers earn up to three stars on each level, depending on their final score. As they collect stars, they’ll routinely unlock the chance to earn new monkey costumes and bonuses on an in-game slot machine. In addition, players can purchase gold bars with real money, which can be spent on extra moves or boosts in the game’s store. These boosts may offer access to AiAi’s aiming trajectory line, trigger a multi-ball bonus for extra peg-clearing potential, create a rocket that clears any pegs within its crosshairs and more. These powers are unlocked once players reach certain levels, which incentivizes continued play. Gamers can earn free gold by watching video ads.

For social play, gamers can connect their accounts to Facebook to track their high scores against friends. Users can also send free lives to other players.

Super Monkey Ball Bounce is available to download for free on iTunes and Google Play.