SEGA announces Crazy Taxi: City Rush for iOS, Android

crazy taxi 650

SEGA Networks has announced the newest game in one of its most famous franchises, Crazy Taxi: City Rush. The game is in development exclusively for mobile devices, and comes from Kenji Kanno, the creator of the original Crazy Taxi arcade game. In Crazy Taxi: City Rush, players will complete missions and unlock areas in a big-city setting as they complete cab rides by any means necessary.

“I’m very excited to finally be able to share with you the first news of Crazy Taxi: City Rush,” said Kanno. “We are delivering a truly fun game that captures everything our fans love about the original and infusing it with several new features to create an even more fantastic and memorable experience.”

Crazy Taxi: City Rush will allow users to customize their cab with powers and visual upgrades, and will offer social features for taking friends on rides to earn special rewards. While playing, gamers swipe to change lanes or drive around corners, drive onto sidewalks or to send their cabs off of ramps.


“Creating a new game for our Crazy Taxi fans is extremely rewarding,” added Chris Olson, Senior Vice President of SEGA Networks. “City Rush embodies the spirit of Crazy Taxi with its signature frantic arcade action and crazy stunts and also delivers a new mobile experience with easy one touch controls and social features.”

Crazy Taxi: City Rush has already soft-launched in a few regions, but a full worldwide release on iOS and Android is planned for later this year. To celebrate the game’s announcement, SEGA has made the original Crazy Taxi free to download on iOS and Google Play for a limited time.

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