Seesmic Web Update Rolling Out Monday

Seesmic is preparing a major update of its Seesmic Web Web-based Twitter client, for release Monday, with several improvements, ReadWriteWeb reports.

The new version of Seesmic Web will enable drag-and-drop list creation, according to ReadWriteWeb, meaning that users will have the ability to drag and drop contacts to any list.

The new contact manager provides a much easier way to sift through contacts than’s interface, according to ReadWriteWeb, and it offers basic profile information, number of followers and tweets, favorite tweets, information about the lists users follow, and the names of users’ top three most publicly contacted friends on Twitter.

ReadWriteWeb also noted that the new version of Seesmic Web supports integration of third-party tools, with small icons appearing next to every shortened link, allowing users who click on those links to see basic information including the sites the links will connect them to and the number of retweets, with this functionality powered by TweetMeme.

Pictures will be able to be shared from the Web interface, ReadWriteWeb reported, and the new version also offers picture previews right inside the app for pictures shared via the most popular Twitter photo services.

Finally, geolocation works as long as the user is running a browser that supports Google Gears, according to ReadWriteWeb.