Seesmic Releases New Version Of Android Twitter Client

One category of Android applications that has heated up over the last month has been Twitter clients. It seems that when someone compares the iPhone with Android the common comment is that Android does not have the same quality of Twitter clients as the iPhone. Today Techcrunch is reporting that with the release of the latest Seesmic application, the gap between iPhone and Android Twitter clients has narrowed.

The key features in this release of Seesmic are the abilities to support multiple Twitter accounts, and the ability to post the same tweets to multiple Twitter accounts. Another important feature is that Seesmic now remembers where you are in the Twitter timeline, even when you shutdown the application, making it easier to pickup where you left off reading.

I am currently debating over whether I like Seesmic or TweetCaster. I don’t have multiple Twitter accounts and TweetCaster also remembers where I am in the timeline. Seesmic does show more tweets on the screen at the same time, but I actually find Tweetcaster’s display makes it easier to read the tweets mostly because of the extra blank space around each one. I also like its graphical appearance, so for now, I think I will be sticking with TweetCaster.