Seesmic Look: An Easy Introduction to Twitter

SeesmicLook.jpgAs promised Wednesday, Seesmic unveiled its newest product, Seesmic Look, at The Times Center in New York Thursday morning.

Throughout his presentation to introduce Seesmic Look, founder and CEO Loic Le Meur went out of his way to stress the Windows app’s simplicity, mentioning several times that Twitter accounts aren’t even necessary to use the app, that it is definitely not aimed at power users and that its target audience ranges from “people who are not geeks” to “my mother.”

Seesmic Look brings a television-like feel to Twitter and tweets, allowing users to browse by category, compile lists of favorite Twitter accounts and even have tweets on certain topics float across the screen like a screen-saver.

The company also announced that Red Bull, The Huffington Post, Kodak, CNN Money and Ford were among its eight brand launch partners, with each being given the opportunity to highlight their Twitter feeds.

While Le Meur repeatedly stressed that Seesmic Look users don’t need Twitter accounts to access the app’s channels, he also pointed out that they do have the ability to sign in to their accounts, browse and reply to direct messages and view their personal Twitter streams. Seesmic Look also supports Twitter Lists, Search and Trends, which are prominently located within its user interface.

Le Meur also mentioned that the company worked extensively with both Twitter and Microsoft on Seesmic Look, saying of Twitter, “We’re proud of the Twitter logo. We’re very happy that the entire Twitter team has been helping us design and integrate with Twitter.”

Some quotes from Le Meur during the event, stressing the simplicity and ease-of-use of Seesmic Look:

There are tens of thousands of users who are discovering Twitter right now who are not power users. It was our duty to make a client for them—for my mother.

We added all the features you could expect for your sister…for your friends who are not geeks.

They don’t know what RSS is and probably won’t know for a while.

We made the app really feel like a game experience—something very easy to use. We made it interactive and very rich.

You can just watch Seesmic Look—you don’t have to be active.

My mother doesn’t know what TwitPic, yFrog or TweetPhoto is.