Seesmic for BlackBerry Updated

SeesmicForBlackBerry.jpgSeesmic announced a host of updates for its Seesmic for BlackBerry Twitter client in a post on the Seesmic Blog, including support for retweets, a Quote feature that integrates the quoted user at the end of tweets, picture previews, Google Map Location, compatibility with the BIS-B mobile Internet network and the ability to delete tweets.

Highlights from the post on the Seesmic Blog:

Seesmic for BlackBerry now has the new Twitter retweet function, which allows you to officially RT a message. Apart from retweeting and viewing RTs in your timeline, you can see who retweeted your tweet, which RTs you’ve done and which RTs were sent to you. If you also want to retweet and maintain the original message to edit, you can opt for the Quote feature, which integrates the quoted user at the end of the tweet.

Seesmic for BlackBerry users will now be able to see a detailed Google Map Location in their tweets. This feature reads the location as set in the Twitter geo-location feature. Users can just go now to tweet details and a precise Google Map of the place it was sent from will appear.

If you are not satisfied with the tweet you posted or would like to add more information, you now have the ability to delete the selected tweet from your Home timeline.