Seesmic for Android Twitter App Can Now Post to Tumblr & WordPress Too

If you own an Android based smartphone and use Twitter, Seesmic for Android is a must-have app (and free too). Until now, it only “spoke” to Twitter itself. The recent 1.2.3 update now lets it post to any blogging software that supports the Twitter API:

Using Seesmic for Android to Add Other Web Applications like Tumblr,, & WordPress

This is a good thing for those running their own Twitter-clone service using, for example, the Open Source StatusNet microblogging tool. I’m still not clear on what the use case is for using any Twitter client to post to Tumblr and WordPress though. The 140 character limit doesn’t allow for much expression on more conventional blogging platforms. Moreover, WordPress has good free clients for both Android and iPhone. Tumblr provides a free iPhone app that can post photos and audio in addtion to text. While Tumblr does not provide an Android app, a quick search of the Android Market reveals a number of third party apps there that can post to Tumblr.