Seesmic's Facebook Support Goes Live

This afternoon, Seesmic has finally released the new version of their desktop application which includes support for Facebook’s new feed API. This is the beginning of a series of desktop and web-based applications that will provide support for Facebook’s new API. It marks a new turning point for Facebook who previously had kept their core feature within the site and continues to open up one step at a time.

Seesmic had announced that they would provide support for the new stream API when it went live at the beginning of this week. Today it is finally live. Seesmic provides full access to the feed but doesn’t yet have commenting included although they plan to add support in the near future according to Loic Le Meur.

One feature which isn’t yet available is the ability to filter through the feed items based on their content. I can only assume that we’ll see many more applications take advantage of the feed API. Go download the latest Seesmic desktop application and get Facebook on your desktop.

Facebook also released their own version of a desktop application for developers looking how to build their own desktop Facebook AIR applications. If you build your own desktop applications that are integrated with Facebook, shoot us an email and let us know! Have you checked out the latest version of the Seesmic application? Do you like having Facebook access on the desktop or do you prefer the web version?

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