Seesmic Drops BlackBerry Support. What about webOS?

Seesmic, which produces a popular set of apps that acts as clients for Twitter and Facebook, announced they are retrenching and dropping support for the BlackBerry version of their app as of June 30.

Important Update for BlackBerry Users

They will continue to support what they call our most popular mobile platforms. These platforms are Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), and surprisingly, Windows Phone 7.

GigaOm’s Kevin C. Tofel wondered if Seesmic’s retrenchment is a sign of the times for RIM’s BlackBerry platform.

Seesmic dumps BlackBerry: Start of a stampede?

Nokia’s Symbian and Intel/Nokia’s MeeGo are already considered dead in the water. But, there are other mobile platforms like webOS (HP) and RIM’s QNX for its PlayBook tablet that are in desparate need of apps. Even Android has an interesting problem with its Honeycomb (Android OS 3.x) for tablets that does not seem to be getting significant app development support. Even iOS has a few instances where developers chose to focus solely on the iPhone and not produce an iPad version of the app.