Seesmic Desktop 0.3 Released – Now With Full Support, ‘Smart Accounts’

Version 0.3 of Seesmic Desktop has just been released, and with it a bunch of super-cool new features, including:

  • Multi-Account Posting with Smart Account Enabling. You can now send tweets to multiple accounts simultaneously. Moreover, Seesmic’s new ‘smart account’ feature automatically works out which account you should be replying from, based on whom you are replying to. Clever!
  • Authenticated Integration. This is the one I’m the most pleased about – you can now add your login information to Seesmic so that any links you post using the service are automatically tracked at’s website. VERY useful.
  • Services Panel. The new Services Panel allows you to manage your accounts for sending images, and Seesmic now supports Pikchur, Posterous, TwitPic, Twitgoo and Yfrog.

Version 0.3 also includes the following user interface modifications:

  • The messaging panel auto-minimises until you start entering a tweet, which maximises the space available for your streams
  • It also includes an inline reminder of the account(s) you are posting from
  • Replies have been enabled in your Facebook friends’ avatars, so you can quickly add comments
  • An added “Cancel” button to erase your messages in the message panel
  • Updated scrolling arrows for enhanced browsing
  • Ensuring all replies appear in your integrated timeline

Check out this video, featuring Seesmic founder Loïc Le Meur for more detail on these new features:


Click here to download version 0.3 (direct download; requires Adobe AIR; works on Windows, Mac, Linux).

Further Information

To keep up to date with the latest Seesmic news, and for any questions or problems you might have, I recommend following @askseesmic on Twitter. The account is managed by Loic and John Yamasaki, and they’re an incredibly friendly and helpful team.

For tips on how I configure my Seesmic Desktop, check out my article, “How To Configure Seesmic Desktop For Fun And Profit“.