SeeSaw Launches Customizable App

SeeSaw Networks, the original aggregator of inventory across digital video networks, announced Wednesday (Feb. 24) that agencies and networks can now customize the company’s planning and buying platform ( and make it their own. The first two clients to sign for the new “Powered by SeeSaw” service are Digital Hive and CBS Outernet.

For a monthly fee, clients of “Powered by SeeSaw” service can customize the platform and add unique inventory, pricing and proposal templates. Digital Hive plans to use the platform to present comprehensive digital plans to clients that include inventory outside of the SeeSaw Network. CBS Outernet, which is not repped in the SeeSaw’s network, will use the new service to give media planners access to inventory across CBS Outernet’s portfolio of networks including 1,500 grocery stores, 4,300 GameStop stores and 5,000 AutoNet TV locations.

The untethering of SeeSaw’s platform could set the standard for the buying and selling of digital video networks, a highly fragmented medium often considered the wild west of new media. Although advertisers are smitten, they’ve found it nearly impossible to sort through the hundreds of digital video networks across scores of venues, from gas stations to retail locations. Aggregators like SeeSaw have helped bring scale to the medium and its Web-based application made it easier to buy, but even SeeSaw’s vast inventory portfolio across 40 networks doesn’t cover all the buying options.

“There was no way we could figure out how to buy this medium and how to present it,” said Dave Matera, CEO and co-founder for Digital Hive. “This allows us to include other venues, such as cinema, and plan campaigns across all markets. There is no silo. I can put together an RFP and a proposal directly for my client and I can list everything out there that is available.”

CBS Outernet figured using SeeSaw’s tool could give it a head start with agencies that are familiar with SeeSaw’s application and its features that allow advertisers to buy by venue or by lifestyle pattern.

“There are enough hurdles as it is,” said Virginia Cargill, president of CBS Outernet.
“Agencies seem very positive about SeeSaw’s planning tool. Using the same one is a lot simpler than trying out another tool.”

SeeSaw said it is in discussion with several other agencies and networks for the new subscription service. “People won’t buy this medium if it’s not easy,” said Peter Bowen, CEO and founder of SeeSaw. “We’ll see a real benefit to the industry with multiple networks and agencies.”