SeeSaw Adds Four New Networks

SeeSaw Networks, the leading aggregator of inventory across more than 40 digital out-of-home networks, announced the addition of four new network affiliates. In addition, the media company unveiled an upgrade to its Web-based planning platform, SeeSaw, that includes more precise marketing tools.

In New York, SeeSaw has added Showcase Media Group, the Affinity Ferry Network and City 24/7, three transit networks that target Urban professionals in taxis, ferry terminals and train stations in more than 1,000 locations.

The aggregator also added Virgin Megastore Network’s Virgin Mega TV channel, a network of more than 400 digital displays operated by eVision Networks targeting young, affluent consumers in 10 stores in several large markets including New York, San Francisco, Hollywood, Denver, Orlando, Phoenix and Dallas.

Since SeeSaw launched its network concept and Web-based planning platform for digital out of home, the media company has provided advertisers with an easier way to buy the fragmented medium by organizing inventory by venue and lifestyle. The new updated platform promises advanced budget allocation and more exact ad scheduling and targeting.

“MPG is now exploring place-based digital video advertising as an important element of campaigns because it is emerging as an efficient and effective way to reach increasingly mobile audience,” said Coleen Kuehn, executive vp and chief strategist for MPG.

“Our growth is fueled by advertisers and agencies who recognize our scale, and our life pattern marketing methodology allows them to deliver the most relevant and impactful messages to the right people in the right places,” said Rocky Gunderson, vp of network development and marketing for SeeSaw.