Seeqpod Brings Free MP3 Streaming to Mobile

The MP3 search engine Seeqpod is releasing a Windows Mobile application that will enable users to search for and stream mp3s to their Windows Mobile device. The app will retail for $10, and is available from Seeqpod’s site.

In the words of the company, this app makes it such that “any Windows Mobile device is now essentially an iPod, but streaming.” Seeqpod collects links to mp3s hosted around the web; users can search and play mp3s directly through the Seeqpod site, without purchasing the music. Seeqpod relies on the fact that the mp3s are hosted on sites external to their own; all they are doing is pointing to the content, not hosting it themeselves. Although they do their best to make it difficult for the user to download the song after finding it via their site, it’s not incredibly difficult to do so. Seeqpod also provides links to legitimate music download services if users choose to legally purchase the music.

Pandora, the app that lets users stream music related to a particular band or song (but not pick specific songs to listen to), quickly became one of the most popular iPhone applications. It’s curious to see that Seeqpod is targeting the Windows Mobile platform; it could be due to the fact that Apple has been hesitant to approve applications that mimic functionality that iTunes provides. The Podcasting application, after being in development for several months, was denied acceptance to the App Store by Apple, who claimed that the app duplicated iTunes’ podcast funcationality. Seeqpod may be wary of investing too much time and effort in an iPhone application with Apple likely to look closely at how the app would eat into their business of selling digital music.