Seems They Found Their Rockstars


A while ago, back when we were young and fresh and innocent, before the toll of the station stops of our life was ever so keenly felt, we told you about the Architectural League’s call for rockstars. Or, more accurately, “architects in…. bands!” [sic]. Seems they found some, giving us an insight into the snaptastic verbiage of architects gone wild. Barre-Libre. Butterknife Krush. Defpoints. Techtonic Division. And then, oddly (or perhaps less?), the entirely swerveless Daniel Nyohaku Soergel. Unless that’s a nomenclature joke we’re just not getting. The mystery rockers (over under on Gregg Pasquarelli’s involvement an all-time high) are all performing at the League’s 125th Anniversary Launch Party, next Thursday night, the 15th, 7-10 at the Foundry. Which is in Long Island City. Which we hear is in… umm… hold on… not Manhattan… not Brooklyn… bear with us… Queens!

Tickets $25 for members, $35 for uncool kids. Call 212 753 1722 ext. 1 for resys.

Extra credit for identifying above image. Boundless credit for identifying above listed band members. Make us happy.