Seeing More Red Dots in ’07


On a semi-regular basis, the Red Dot Awards come back into the conversation around here and today is one such day. Dexigner has the scoop on the winners of this year’s prestigious design competition in just one easy-to-scan Excel spreadsheet. And on the commentary side, they’ve also got a great section entitled “Trend Spots of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2007.” Here’s one such:

Industry and Trade – Intelligent Design Solutions for “Happy Tools”

Innovative developments in a very traditional area can be found in the sector of industry and trade. With intelligent design solutions the teaching and self-explanatory aspect of design takes effect. The designers provide logical interpretations of proven forms, thus reflecting the spirit of the times. The design, which follows international standards, has an increased utility value; it is very detailed and of high quality. Work offers additional pleasure thanks to new colours. The previous trend of plain utility objects is in decline; tools and machines emancipate themselves in the market with clear designs in fresh colours.