See Which Brands Are Talking Like Pirates on Twitter Today

Some go overboard on funny holiday

Headshot of Lauren Johnson

Today is Talk Like Pirate Day, an annual event that makes it acceptable to swap out everyday conversations with pirate parlance and dress up in costumes. And, of course, brands have already taken to Twitter with themed tweets in hopes of injecting themselves into the social chatter.

Rum brands are some of the most obvious marketers to jump on the trend, and already Captain Morgan and Pyrat Rum have some clever campaigns going on.

The social team behind Pyrat Rum is running a funny campaign today with posts that actually condemn Talk Like A Pirate Day. The marketer is also running Promoted Tweets to amplify its content.

Meanwhile, Captain Morgan took to Twitter with a message driving people to the website Post Like A Pirate, which turns any phrase into pirate lingo.

Pirate’s Booty and agency Resource/Ammirati are cranking out themed real-time content on Twitter all day. The brand is chiming in on pirate-related talk with product giveaways and plans to share pictures of kids dressed up in pirate costumes on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The online game Puzzle Pirates also bought Promoted Tweets against the #TalkLikeAPirate hashtag this morning, with a tweet that links to a page on its website with pirate-themed expressions.

Of course, some brands are enlisting Talk Like A Pirate Day to peddle their products. For example, Target is promoting its Big Fun Pirate Collection, a line of Halloween costumes designed by Project Runway contestant and costume designer Chris March.

And then there are the typical brands that appear to have no idea what to do with Talk Like A Pirate Day on Twitter. Take SpaghettiOs, for instance. The brand posted a simple image of a bowl of noodles this morning without any explanation.

Check out some of the funniest (and lamest) brand tweets below.

@laurenjohnson Lauren Johnson is a senior technology editor for Adweek, where she specializes in covering mobile, social platforms and emerging tech.