See What’s Happening In New York


The Architectural League in NYC has a pretty killer exhibition up right now that will help you see that construction crane skyline in a whole new way. Designed by Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis, “New New York: Fast Forward” shows how New York is changing with a 30′ x 15′ photo of the five boroughs on which nearly 600 new architecture and planning projects are mapped. Each project is detailed in the little postcards you see, connected to its site by red string. Director Gregory Wessner has more:

The show is organized around the idea that New York City is in a unique moment of architecture and planning, with an increased commitment to design quality on the part of the city administration and an elevated interest among the public in contemporary architecture. Combined with a healthy economy, the city is in the midst of a major building boom that promises to have significant implications for the city’s built environment.

Hey! We think we can see Muji!