See What I Am Doing Right Now.

I like to take pictures. If you view my Flickr account you will see I have around five thousand saved online and I will upload more today I am sure. So when I happened across a program called Zannel for Facebook I was pleasantly surprised. The long and short of it is this. Zannel lets me take a picture with my cell phone, and using a text message or email upload it to my Facebook page. The concept isn’t revolutionary, but the application is very easy to use.

Zannel also creates a page on their website that saves all your pictures for you. This second feature isn’t all that great for me since I have a pro Flickr account, but if you need a place to store your photos from your cell online, Zannel is just as good as any of the services out there.

The real beauty of Zannel is that it lets me tag my photos when they go on my Facebook page. I can create a clever message, my mom says I am clever, and upload a photo with ease. If Zannel could somehow combine this with my twitter account I would love this application for ever.

All and all Zannel is a useful application. If you don’t have a Blackberry or Smartphone with some fancy third party application and you want to send instant photos to your Facebook page I think Zannel is a great choice… Just make sure you have unlimited text and picture messaging.