8 Brands Collectively Rejoice To Twitter’s Gif Giving

An Arby's curly fry heads a soccer ball

Brands have gone Gif crazy now that Twitter enabled the playful animation feature.

The new media format is the latest rage on the social messaging platform with everyone from Arby's to Forever 21 posting their best bursts of creativity. (Arby's thought it would comment on two phenomenon at once with a World Cup-inspired Gif of a curly fry scoring a goal.)

Twitter, for its part, is pushing ahead with a "media forward" strategy that has made the platform more visual in recent months. Six-second Vine videos—from Twitter's sister app—are commonly used by marketers, and videos in general are more prominent and easier to play.

Twitter also has tried to broader its appeal in a bid to juice its user numbers, which at 257 million a month remains well below Facebook's 1.28 billion. Gifs are one way to excite the Internet and advertsiers. Have a look:

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