Caught On Tape: 10 Hilarious Security Cam Videos

Be careful what you do because you never know who's watching you. One innocent misstep could put you at the top of the YouTube charts.

Be careful what you do because you never know who’s watching you. One innocent misstep could put you at the top of the YouTube charts. Ever dance when you thought nobody was looking, had an embarrassing fall that you thought nobody saw or done something a little taboo that you thought nobody would ever find out about? Here are ten hilarious security cam videos that prove that Big Brother is always watching and you never know when he’ll expose you on the web.

I should note that I wanted to go with the funnier surveillance camera videos on YouTube, which is why some of the ickier popular security cam videos, such as the woman who was caught on tape throwing a cat in a trash bin, aren’t included here. No one wants to see that. That said, on to our ten picks – Enjoy!

Girl Falls In Mall Fountain While Texting

Last month Cathy A. Cruz became one of the most famous instances of being caught on camera when she fell in a shopping mall fountain while texting. The security camera video, complete with commentary by mall employees, immediately went viral and got millions of YouTube views. Cruz threatened to sue, but as of yet there are no records that she has taken legal action.

Wine shelf collapses

This liquor store employee was just doing his job until catastrophe struck (at 0:45)! According to a comment by the video’s uploader, about 300 bottles of wine broke. The employee did not have to pay for the damage but he does have to live with nearly half a million people seeing his little snafu in the first week alone.

Police Officer Caught On Tape Dancing

Hey, Mr. Policeman! You think you’re so tough, but we’ve seen your fun side. This guy can really bust a move!

Woman Falls Through Hole In Floor

This poor woman has to live with a video of her falling through a trap door at work going viral on the Internet. But at least she got to be on Jimmy Kimmel as a result.

Security Guard Fail

It’s a good thing this store has a security camera. They’ll need it to catch all the thieves that the security guard couldn’t catch after the fact. Who put that gate there? Doh!

Pizza Delivery Fail

Hey, I don’t remember asking for gravel with my mushrooms and extra cheese! Can you believe this guy? But honestly, would any of you readers have done the same thing? I mean, what else is he supposed to do? Drive all the way back to the pizza shop to get a replacement? There’s a three-second rule, right?

Cat Attacks Babysitter

You might expect a nanny cam to catch the babysitter eating your food, having a friend over while your kid sleeps or looking through your personal things. But you would never expect the nanny cam to catch the babysitter being brutally attacked by your cat, would you?

Drunk Driving: Forklift Smashes Massive Vodka Stock

This video is like the wine video above times 10,000! When a forklift smashes into a massive vodka stock nearly $100,000 worth of stock was downed. This brings a whole new meaning to drunk driving!

Car Park Kissing Security Camera

It’s bad enough that this couple was caught lockin’ lips on camera, but what happens next is just hilarious.

Raw Video: Man Politely Robs Wash. Store

This video has been going viral over the last few days. It features the politest robbery ever. This guy says please, apologized profusely, and even offers to repay the cashier when he gets back on his feet. The man was arrested after this surveillance camera video went viral. I was a little torn about putting this on a list of “hilarious” videos, because I feel truly sorry for the robber and his situation. But it’s hard to deny the fact that his politeness is so surprising that it’s a little funny, right?