Twitter Apps Are Now More Secure

Twitter Apps Are Now More Secure

Users of Twitter apps can breathe a little easier now, as Twitter has enforced stricter security rules for app developers.

Those developers who are still using HTTP connections to plug in to Twitter’s API will have up upgrade their connections to enable TLS (Transport Layer Security)/SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryptions, explains ZDNet.

This means that users accessing these apps – effectively all Twitter apps – will have a more secure connection between the app and Twitter’s servers.

According to the notice on Twitter’s blog announcing the upcoming changes,

“Connecting to the API using the SSL protocol builds a safe communication channel between our servers and your application, meaning that no sensitive data can be accessed or tampered by unauthorized agents in the middle of this communication path.”

With the growing concern from users over the use (and abuse) of their data, including security breaches like the Evernote hacking of 50 million users’ data and Twitter’s own 250,000 users whose data was compromised, moves like this come as a breath of fresh air.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your data safe, whether using Twitter’s apps or just surfing the web, here’s a handy infographic that provides some great tips.

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