Secure Online File Storage For Smartphones With Wuala

Regular readers of this web site will know that I am a big fan of Dropbox, mainly because it is integrated with many of the smartphone and tablet apps that I regularly use. Unfortunately, Dropbox has recently been receiving bad press over the security of user files stored on their server. If you are looking for something more secure than Dropbox, consider Wuala.

The main reason why Wuala is considered more secure is that the files are encrypted on your device before they are transmitted to Wuala’s servers, and the password used for the encryption is kept on the device. Dropbox, as well as many other services, encrypt the files once they are on their servers, so they must have access to the keys used to access the files, which their employees could use to access user files.

Free Wuala apps are available from the iTunes App Store and the Android Market, and you can get 1 GB of storage for free. Windows and Mac versions of Wuala are also available. Storage charges range from $29 per year for 10 GB to $289 per year for 250 GB. The paid versions include support for file backup and synchronization, which is not available for free versions.