Secretary Clinton on MTP: We Work on Reporters Ling and Lee’s Situation “Every Day”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was NBC’s David Gregory’s guest for the full hour of yesterday’s Meet the Press.

Among the topics discussed- international affairs, health care, Sarah Palin, what it’s like to work with her former presidential campaign opponent, and the two reporters imprisoned in North Korea since March.

Gregory: Finally on this, two U.S. captives, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, two journalists in captivity now; is there a feeling that some of the tough talk that you had with the North Koreans this week, this sort of exchange of insults, does it make their situation more dangerous?

Clinton: We believe that this is on a separate track. This is an issue that should be resolved by the North Koreans granting amnesty and allowing these two young women to come home as quickly as possible.

Gregory: Are you making progress?

Clinton: Well, we have—are certainly pursuing every lead we have. The messages that we’ve received from the young women both through our protecting power, the Swedish ambassador, and through the messages and phone calls they’ve had with their families are that they’re being treated well, that they have been given the supplies that they need. But obviously, they want to resolve this, as we do, and we work on it literally every day.

This exchange begins about 8 minutes into the clip above. (h/t BayNewser)