10 Secret #Twitter Tips, Tricks and Hacks (That You Probably Don’t Know)

10 Secret Twitter Tips, Tricks and Hacks (That You Probably Don't Know)

So you think you know everything about Twitter?

I thought I did, too. Then I discovered this amazing, secret Twitter hack. Then another one! It was like being part of a club for years and then finding out that there’s a hidden, inner part of the club that’s only for very special members.

I wanted more. I was hooked. I had to find out more secret Twitter tips. More hidden tricks. More crafty hacks.

And so I did. Check the list below for 10 secret Twitter tips, tricks and hacks that you probably don’t know.

1. You Can Schedule Tweets On Twitter

Scheduling tweets is a huge Twitter timesaver, as it allows you to plan out your day – or even your week or month – well in advance and not have to worry about always being on Twitter to take care of business. You might already be using apps such as Hootsuite, Buffer or TweetDeck to schedule your tweets, which are all great tools.

But did you know you can also schedule tweets on Twitter.com? Yep: simply head on over to ads.twitter.com, login (or signup if you haven’t already done so), click on the ‘compose tweet’ button and then the ‘scheduling’ tab. Et voila!

10 Secret Twitter Tips, Tricks and Hacks (That You Probably Don't Know)

To view your scheduled tweets, click on ‘Creatives’ and then ‘Tweets’ and then the ‘Scheduled’ button. You can schedule both organic and promoted tweets up to one year in advance.

2. Twitter Has Keyboard Shortcuts

Some people are die-hard keyboard users and occasionally you get the feeling that they would rather touch a real mouse than the computerised one on their desk. Twitter feels their pain and has a ton of keyboard shortcuts that can have you whizzing around your tweets in no time.

For example, if you hit the ‘N’ on your keyboard whilst on Twitter.com, you’ll be able to immediately start writing a new tweet. Hit F to mark a tweet as a favourite, R to reply and T to retweet.

Check the visual below for all the details, which comes courtesy of James Traf.

10 Secret Twitter Tips, Tricks and Hacks (That You Probably Don't Know)

3. You Can Embed Tweets Into Any Website

10 Secret Twitter Tips, Tricks and Hacks (That You Probably Don't Know)Embedding tweets into your website or blog is brilliant way to drive engagement back to your Twitter profile. Why? Because an embedded tweet is interactive, and anyone logged into Twitter can do all sorts of cool things (like reply, retweet, favourite etc) to your tweet when it’s embedded on your site (or any site). It’s also a far more elegant solution than doing a screen grab of a tweet and pasting that on your site, and even if somebody deletes the original tweet the embedded tweet will still be visible.

To embed a tweet, find the tweet you want to embed, click on the more button (…) below the tweet (which is the ellipses symbol – the three dots in a row) and select ‘Embed Tweet’. Now just copy and paste the supplied HTML into the desired location on your website.

10 Secret Twitter Tips, Tricks and Hacks (That You Probably Don't Know)

4. Twitter Supports Advanced Search Operators

Twitter Search is a super powerful but criminally underused part of the Twitter core. You’ve probably searched for one or two things in the past using the search box at the top of the screen on Twitter.com, but did you know that this also supports really advanced search operators?

For example, if you want to search for just tweets with links, you can use the filter:links operator.

Example: amazing filter:links

Click on the link above and see what happens (it opens in another tab). This is a search for any tweets published on Twitter that contain the word amazing and also contain a link. This is good stuff!

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