Secret Interview Questions?

CarsHmm. The new issue of the job-search newsletter from Pollock|Spark says that when your interviewer asks how your drive was, she might not just be making chit-chat.

“Some people launch into a story of how they overslept and missed the train or couldn’t find a parking space. Or that they went past the building three times before they figured out which one it was. Really. They don’t realize that this is neither interesting nor confidence inspiring. Even if you did arrive on time, the details of this triumph are not the story you ought to be telling.”

One recruiter for an ad agency makes it a point to ask that question of every candidate and listen carefully to the answer, but even if the recruiter or hiring manager isn’t seeking a “secret” way into your mind, it’s definitely smart not to sabotage your chances by talking about what a directionally-challenged doofus you are.

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According to this hiring manager, “I ask if you’ve done your homework on our company, and before I start my questions, do you have any questions about us? And then I ask if the job description makes sense to them.” Then finally she asks people whether they prefer to be in the spotlight or work behind the scenes, “and when they tell me – I ask them why.”