Second Life Co-Founder Joins EMI

Strugging record label EMI Group just hired Cory Ondrejka, one of the founders of Linden Lab’s virtual world, Second Life, CNET News reports, continuing the label’s attempts at navigating the digital age:

“Ondrejka was named senior vice president of digital strategy, EMI said in a statement. The hiring comes two months after EMI hired Douglas Merrill, Google’s former chief information officer.”

Ondrejka said in the report that he can bring an understanding of the problems that intersect at technology, communications, social networking, and media to the music industry. “I spent seven years at Second Life,” Ondrejka said. “I designed part of the site, hired a lot of smart people who are still there…I don’t want to go do that again. A big part of what makes (the EMI position) so exciting is that it presents a completely new set of challenges.”