77Agency Launches Second Third-Party Facebook Ads Manager

On Monday we wrote about the first third-party Facebook Ads manager to leverage the Facebook Ads API. Today, 77Agency is the second company to announced their own Facebook Ads campaign management software. Additionally, the company is already involved in licensing discussions with a number of third-parties. Just like the Alchemy service which we covered on Monday, the 77Agency Facebook ad manager, enables advertisers to optimize bids in real-time.

The new tool developed by 77Agency provides the following features:

  • Ability to carry out multiple account management and reporting
  • Conversion tracking (CPA and ROI)
  • Range of reporting views (daily, weekly, monthly, multiple campaigns report, etc) with conversion data
  • Bulk upload functionality which allows the creation of multiple campaigns and adgroups without the need to switch between different pages

As we mentioned on Monday, there will undoubtedly be a number of other companies to release their own tools on top of the Facebook Ads API, however we didn’t expect them to be rolled out this quickly. The team at 77Agency has been working with Facebook for the past few months on developing this tool and have been running tests with a number of clients. Over the coming months, 77Agency will be hosting a series of seminars throughout Europe (London, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam) and in New York, to highlight the opportunities available to brand and marketing managers.

We’ll continue to follow the companies building services on top of the Facebook Ads API over the coming weeks and months.

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